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Ooejo agricultural high school is located in Hokkaido. Most students are from families involved in agriculture and their dreams are to continue working in agriculture. Meanwhile, Yuugo (Kento Nakajima), who graduated from a prestigious middle school, applied to the Ooejo Agricultural High School just because the school has a dormitory. Yuugo, who grew up in the city, finds himself in an unfamiliar environment at Ooejo Agricultural High School, surrounded by nature and animals. Yuugo is also the only one who doesn't know what type of career he wants to pursue. Yuugo becomes impatient. He goes through struggles everyday, but he he also gets to know the other students and rural life in general. He begins to grow as a person.

Silver Spoon

Movie details Silver Spoon

Release : 2014-03-07

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Runtime : 111

Company : Toho Company

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