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Llorona is a figure unique to Mexican folklore -- the wailing spirit of a woman who lost or killed her child and now returns to seek revenge and haunt the living. With its framing story and flashback structure, this film sets forth a couple of variations of the story.

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Release : 1933-03-31

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Runtime : 73

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The Weeping Woman (La Llorona) by Joe Hayes This is a story that the old ones have been telling to children for hundreds of years. It is a sad tale, but it lives ...
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Offers several versions of the legend of La Llorona. Mexico.
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La Llorona ("The Weeping Woman") is a legendary ghost prominent in the folklore of Mexico. According to the tradition, La Llorona is the ghost of a woman who lost her ...
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The legend of La Llorona, Spanish for the Weeping Woman, has been a part of Hispanic culture in the Southwest since the days of the conquistadores.
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La Llorona is a Spanish language song from Mexico. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly who was the first to compose the song "La Llorona", since it stems from the ...
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From March of the Zapotec (Pompeii Records) Directed by Owen Cook.
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La Llorona (the crying woman) has terrified Hispanics across the United States and Latin America for over five hundred years.
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La Llorona es un espectro del folclore hispanoamericano que, según la tradición oral, se presenta como el alma en pena de una mujer que asesinó o perdió a sus ...
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La Llorona. La Llorona sings to Rafael, who is conscious. She morphs into an ugly beast, but Rafael remains unafraid. Kids who are trick-or-treating visit Monroe's ...